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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  July 24, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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are the initial news reports about her passing away. >> she was the trail blazer who inspired young girls everywhere to reach for the stars. >> american's first woman astronaut. >> but before she soared into the history books, salary ride was just a california girl. she attended stanford studying physics, and it was there that she answered a simple help-wanted ad that changed her lives and ours. >> now jacki schechner is going to join us now to tell us more. >> what came out on her obituary is that she was gay. and she had a partner for 27 years. here are some news reports after we learned that she was in fact
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a lesbian. >> leaves behind her partner of 27 years, tamara seansy. sally lived her life to the fullest with boundless energy curiosity, passion, intelligence, commitment and love. >> it's not unusual they wouldn't have mentioned this until now, because this was the first time that we know of that it was mentioned that she was gay. >> so how did we find out. >> there is a biography on the internet. and a little blurb saying she had pancreatic cancer, which we don't know either. she was very very private. >> she was also her partner in this project so that became relevant. now what happens with her
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partner? >> what is coming up right now, is she has had this partner for 27 years. is no indication they had married or had a civil union at any point, but if they had or tried to there would be some benefits that tamara would have had access to. for example, social security. there are about 200 tax provisions that benefit married couples. for example, the estate tax. if sally ride wanted to leave her estate to her partner she would have to pay a tax on that. and also retirement savings sally wanted to role her retirement savings over to tam, she wouldn't be able to do that without tam paying a heavy tax.
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>> thank you, jacki. this is discrimination. this is how it works. you don't get the same right as other americans. if you are a gay american you don't have those benefits. mitt romney i'm not sure he knew this fact about her or not. but he sent out a tweet. salary ride is one of the greatest pioneers. then our friend of the show glenn greenwald. said romney said she was one of the greatest pioneers. you know what, that's a very interesting question. and well we're going to bring in a guest here who might have an interesting take on that. salary ride's sister bear ride. she is also a presbyterian minister. it's great to have you here. >> thanks. thank.
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i'm glad to be with you. >> obviously your sister was very private. do you think she would have been okay with all of this publicity now that it has become an national issue? >> well sally has never been one to enjoy publicity of any kind. she really was, as you said private. my grandmother used to call us all, tight-lipped norwegians and that's simply true. there's -- you know the fact that sally had pancreatic cancer and had radical surgery and went through everything that she did for the last 17 months and nobody knew about it except just a very few people, that's who sally was. so, you know, no it's not surprising that a lot of people don't know about sally's relationship with tam. and by the way they are domestic
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partners in the state of california. >> bear, let me ask you about this. do you know whether she would have panted pam to have all of these benefits? >> well, you know salary and tam were in something of a privileged position in that they had the resources to -- you know, by her attorney do all of the stuff that one would not normally have to do if one were heterosexually married. but they were able to accomplish, i think everything through that method, you know, and i could not agree with your position more about -- about this horrible discriminatory situation. >> is there some great irony and travesty in someone we grew up with, you know -- someone we all considered an american hero to not have the same rights and
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benefits as other americans because of who she was? >> well, there you go. of course. of course. it's tragic. it's ironic and i loved your comment about romney you know. it's just -- that's something that -- that the politicians really need to meditate on. they need to figure which end is up on this. they can't have it both ways. >> all right. bear ride, sister of salary ride. and bear, we want to of course extent our condolences to you. the whole country mourns for sally, she was very young, but of course you guys miss her the most. and we wish you the best. >> thank you so much. >> i want to bring in one more guest to talk about what bear mentioned at the end. the politics and the hypocrisy.
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chris, i want to understand doma a little bit better. defense of marriage act. if that was out of the way would tam have had the benefits that she would have with her 27 year partner or no. >> this is the problem with having a law like doma that has the country has evolved and places like california have had relationships there are a lot of changes in the same that same-sex couples were living their lives. now there are questions about what benefits they would be able to have if doma was gone. because obviously a lot of the federal benefits currently relate to marriage laws.
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so even if we got rid of the defensive marriage act, when a couple isn't legally married in that state, there would be a whole lot of questions on how we treat those couples. and it sounded like tam and sally would have been in that situation. >> one more quick thing about doma. my understanding was it allowed states to say -- like alabama, we don't want to recognize the gay marriage act that was recognized in massachusetts. but does it also have a federal component. >> yeah, back when it was passed, the part that you described was the part that got a lot of the attention, but as we got into 2004 in massachusetts and since then other states and the district of columbia started to -- to have marriage equality, the -- the other part of doma which is section three, mandates that for all federal laws federal
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statutes, regulations, programs that marriage and spouse can only include an opposite-sex couple of one man and one woman. and that's the provision that is under attack by the obama administration, by just today the commonwealth of massachusetts filed a brief in the supreme court, and by lots of lgbt groups to get that instruct down so that once a state does allow couples to marry, those couples will be treated the same as straight couples. >> all right. chris geidner, great information from buzzfeed. we really appreciate. >> thanks, cenk. >> when they tell you what difference does it make? remember sally ride. it makes a difference. there are different laws for gay americans and straight americans, and it's unacceptable. now the former rivals of mitt romney and the republican
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campaign, newt gingrich, michele bachmann, and rick santorum are all in a race for the bottom. rick santorum might be winning. >> this sounds like a two-bit dictator, not a president of the united states. ♪ [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thankyou points to just hang out with a few friends in london.
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that tingles as you chew. stimulate your senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack. vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>we will have class warfare. >>i'm being violated by the health-care system. >>we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies. >>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time
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getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. ♪ love this segment we're doing, where are they now? tracking the clowns and jokers in the republican primary and the cartoonishly evil things they are up to these days. here is joe mccarthy. >> there is a small, close-knit group of administration democrats who are now the complete prisoners and under the complete domination of the bureaucratic communistic
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franken tine which they themselves have created. even if there were only one communist in the state department, there would still be one communist too many. [ cheers and applause ] >> now look at how frightening similar michele bachmann's language is. >> it appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our united states government by the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood has been found to be an unindicted cold conspirator on terrorism cases and yet individuals associated with the muslim brotherhood who have sensitive positions in our department of justice, our department of homeland security potentially even in the national intelligence agency, and i am calling on these various departments to investigate to see who these people are, and
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what access they have to our information. >> now i guess we can call this bachmannism, kind of like mccartneyism. somebody asked the muslim brotherhood about this. one said i haven't heard these rumors, but they tyke me as ridiculous. the other one said, the muslim brotherhood can't even penetrate the egyptian government. what is michele bachmann's basis for this. she found one in the government. huma abedin. she got her. she is muslim. does she have any connection to muslim brotherhood? absolutely none. but those are facts. michele bachmann doesn't need no stain king facts. here is the interesting part. you know who comes in to straighten her out.
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john mccain. watch. >> these sinister acquisitions rest solely on a few unsubstantiated allegations, none of which have been found to harm or threaten the united states in any way. these attacks have no logic, no basis, and no merit, and they need to stop. they need to stop now. >> that was a great speech by senator mccain, and i would even call it heroic the way he stood up for fellow americans. you have to give him credit on that. john mccain was first, but now almost all of the republicans have bailed. even john boehner. even today brother from wisconsin, a deeply conservative guy who usually would love this kind of stuff, he even turns on bachmann, watch. >> the comments that were made about her in that letter whether or not they were taken out of context, were the wrong
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thing to do. she could not have gotten a job either as then senator hilary clinton's top advisor or the job in the state department without passing a rather rigorous security clearance. >> that's standing up to a constituent and saying no there's nothing wrong with huma abedin these are lies. when you have lost this guy you really jumped a republican shark. so when you get to that bottom of the barrel, who are you going to find? she only has a couple of supports live. rush limbaugh, glenn beck, and newt gingrich. >> look at the skirmish that is underway. what is the impact of the muslim brotherhood in the u.s. government. >> do you share that concern? >> absolutely. there weren't allegations there was a question -- >> i was just asking questions, are all muslims terrorists? what?
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what? we just ask questions, not allegations. you people pathetic, but in a contest of former republican primary candidates and who is going to be more pathetic rick santorum didn't want to get left out. here is what we said about the president. >> if you look at what this president -- saying i'm going to change the law on welfare, eliminate the work requirement, something we fought for, president clinton signed huge transformation of the welfare roles, dramatic increases in income, and president obama gets up and says no i'm going to change the law by speaking. this sounds like a two-be it dictator, not a president of the united states. >> a two-be it dictator? that's what you are calling the president. imagine if a established democrat would have said that about george w. bush. the whole press would have gone
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nuts. every once in a while you look at mitt romney and go how did the that guy wind up winning this race? and then you are reminded oh right, he won, because he was running against them. all right. when we come back we're going to do a fun segment. what would we do to mitt romney if we were like fox news? >> if you are running for president, you really can't speak honestly to the american people.
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some parents might have scolded him. ♪ ♪ jonathan's parents gave him... gymnastics lessons. ♪ ♪ it's amazing how far you can go with a little help along the way. ♪ ♪ td ameritrade. proud sponsor of the 2012 u.s. olympic team. all right time for a funding segment called if we were fox news. first let's show you what they do. we'll show you president obama's comment on you didn't build that in context, and then show you how their so-called analysts twist it outside of context. >> somebody invested in roads and bridges, if you got a business, you didn't build that.
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somebody else made that happen. >> first of all he said it. you got a business. you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. look at the context. he actually denigrates the hard work and smartness to start the sentence. >> that one sentence as i just heard it, the that you built, that is a reference to a person's idea that he built his own business. it's not a reference to roads and bridges. >> they are amazing. he said roads and bridges. now two can play at that game. for example, when mitt romney was running the 2002 olympics did you know he said this? >> you olympians know you didn't get here on your own power. >> how could he say that. here is the reality. >> you olympics know you didn't get here solely on your own
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power, for most of you loving parents brothers and sisters encouraged your hopes, all olympians stand on the shoulders of those who lifted them. >> so there is nothing wrong with that at all. what we do here is present you the facts. whether it's mitt romney's tax plan or his quotes. you do it in context. you are fair. but for a moment let's suspend that and say we were fox news. now we'll play a fun little game. i will be a fox anchor. michael shure will be an analyst. and we have another fox news trick. we brought in someone from the other side.
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jr. is a conservative republican. okay. >> this is really getting confusing. >> they bring in liberals on fox to agree with them. we have a clip of mitt romney talking the primary wins in michigan. >> if you are running for office you really can't speak honestly to the american people. >> oh, my god, michael he is admitting he is an unbelievable liar. >> it is almost the most honest thing he has ever said. >> at least he is being politically correct. >> so of course, you agree he is a lawyer? >> sometimes. >> all right. okay. that seems fair. let's move on to his speech in lancing, michigan. >> expand the welfare state with more promises and more programs more benefits more spending. >> see he agrees with the
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democrats! what is he criticizing president obama? >> that's why so many democrats are supporting him because he wants to expand the welfare state. >> speaking from a black person's perspective i'm sure the black people on government assistance are going to agree with this. >> so you agree, romney is expanding the welfare state. so we all agree. now let's move on. and how about what conservatives say would is a freudian slip, but is it really? >> this president has run out of ideas, excuses, and in 2012 we're going to get him out of the out house -- out of the white house. >> that's what he thinks. he looks at it and says this is a black's person's house.
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i'm going to call it an out house. >> at least mitt romney is changing things. >> by calling the white house the out house. anyway i see how you agree with us. on to the next part here. here mitt romney will admit a fundamental truth about himself. >> i and people of my party are running for office to help the rich. >> once again being honest. he is out there, saying -- you can't speak honestly to the american people, now he is saying something finally he is being honest. >> he is speaking to the naacp. there are definitely rich people in that audience. >> so he was very clear. you just heard it for yourself. >> it's hard to disagree with
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his points. >> that's right. we all agree, mitt romney is for the rich and this will turn the election around and there's no way he can win. all right. we're done. now when we come back speaking of the rich, how the ceos help themselves while they crew over the workers. the numbers are infuriating, don't miss it. come right back. ♪
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. cu i have got good news for you guys, american company cater pillar is doing fantastic. last year they made $4.9 billion in profit.
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fantastic. this year they are set to make even more money. it made sense their ceo pay went up. they paid their ceo nearly $17 million. good news for everybody. the employees pay obviously went up as well right? of course not. they are demanding of their employees, a six-year wage freeze, a pension freeze and they want every employee to kick back $1,900 to the company. they are literally making record-breaking profits, because this is the new america where your company doesn't give a damn of you. it's an, a-moral machine. i'm going to give it all to the executives and not share any of it with you guys. you know how much ceo payment has gone up relative to your
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